Haitian hot chocolate - Haitian Hot Chocolate: Perfect for Cold Winter days!

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Hot chocolate haitian The Best

Haitian Hot Chocolate: Perfect for Cold Weather

Hot chocolate haitian Chokola Ayisyen

Singing Rooster’s Haitian Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Hot chocolate haitian Patties

The Best Haitian Hot Chocolate Recipe For When It's Cold Outside

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Hot chocolate haitian Chokola Ayisyen


Chokola Ayisyen, Haitian Spiced Hot Chocolate with Coconut is a spicy, thick, and comforting drink.

  • Boyer managed to rule for the longest period of time of any of the revolutionary leaders of his generation.

  • Cocoa is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper and magnesium.

  • I am not, myself, altogether free from superstition.

Chokola Ayisyen Fasil (Easy Haitian Hot Chocolate)

Step 1: Pour 3 table spoons of Cocoa powder into a pot along with the Cinnamon sticks with the Star anise.

  • These Spanish Christians found in Haiti a million of harmless men and women, and in less than sixty years they had murdered nearly all of them.

  • If not you can always try your luck on East 18th Street and Church Ave in Brooklyn, or in Caton Mall located on the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Caton Avenue you will find Haitian women selling products that are exclusive to Haiti.

  • History tells us what became of these brave and skillful warriors from France.

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